Proving the value of Unified Communications to the Enterprise

Written by Highlight

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    Does it satisfy its corporate customer? Users? Are people willing to use the tools instead of travelling to face to face meetings? Or are they using alternative communications tools? Is usage growing as people get to know the service? And maybe most importantly, can the Enterprise customer see clearly the quality and performance of their managed UC service?

    Answering these questions is vital to prove the return on investment as well as to help spread usage and adoption within Enterprise corporates.

    Without the analytics to provide a window into a managed UC service, there is no way to address any issues or take proactive steps to keep the UC service in use by the intended audience. Information needs to be presented in an easy-to-understand format to deliver:

    A single pane of glass into the UC service customer enterprise – The enterprise manager will be in a win-win scenario when they have a single view that shows the quality of all calls across the enterprise, capturing how different job roles use the UC service and their experience with the technology.

    User profiling – Partitioning user populations into user personae groups means enterprise managers can identify international travellers (executives), remote users, knowledge workers and process workers, all of whom have differing UC requirements and uptake patterns.

    Business transformation – The enterprise manager should have an indication that face to face meetings are being replaced with virtual meetings, particularly when the UC service is easy, reliable and of high quality, irrespective of location. This information can help frame discussions between the customer and their service provider about bandwidth provision and line quality.

    UC user adoption – The managed UC provider can enable business managers to see the Quality of Experience and adoption rates for themselves. They can improve the adoption of services by understanding why certain users are reluctant to adopt. Analytics for UC services are essential to measure the success or failure of the transition to the service.

    Flexible working – UC services are ideal for supporting mobile and remote users. Monitoring usage patterns of this group may ensure success and the RoI of the UC service. In addition, call quality and quality of experience monitoring and measurement reporting identifies when and where experience might be poor and enables decision makers to implement a fix before it starts to deter users.

    Trends – Managed Providers and enterprise managers can identify any recurring problems with call quality. This trend analysis of increased video conference or conference call activity will be essential to capacity planning and understanding the usage patterns.

    Collaboration – With a window into an enterprise’s working habits, service providers and enterprise customers can be collaborative and thereby ensure end users can use the UC service effectively in their daily activities.

    Have you identified how you will monitor and measure the performance of your business with respect to the utilisation of your managed UC service?


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