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    If you step the engagement up a notch, in hope that a customer will renew, after minimal interaction with them all year round, there’s no surprise why your business may be suffering. The core of a managed services business is built around fostering a continuous, long-term relationship with your customers. And ‘continuous’ is the hardest thing to get right, but the most influential in retaining customers.

    It’s relative – the longer your customers stay with you, the more profitable you’ll be. Ensuring the customer experience that you provide stays top-notch for the entire journey is paramount. The customer journey can be characterised as complex, multi-dimensional and unique. Due to the nature of the service you provide, there really is never an end to your interaction- a big difference from conventional, transactional services. The real relationship begins once the hurdle of getting a contract signature has been crossed, as you continually work with your customer to monitor and optimise those services.

    No two customers are the same, and there are often multiple customers within one enterprise relationship. Each journey should be mapped to individual customers with continued nurturing across all touchpoints. Typically, you’ll interact with business decision makers, operations and service delivery teams and end users.

    Touchpoints refer to any encounter where a customer or prospect interacts with your company or service. It’s important to ensure that any engagement across all touchpoints is consistent, empathetic and spoken in a language that your customer recognises and understands – something most suppliers miss. Let your customers know that you have their best interests in mind and provide them with the expertise and capability to succeed, rather than just the knowledge of how to use your service.

    It isn’t an easy task to always go the extra mile for your customers, especially when you’re juggling multiple accounts and numerous contacts within each of those organisations to be communicating with. What’s key here is to make sure everyone in your organisation is in harmony with each other and that they have full visibility of the customer journey, in order to deliver excellent customer service.


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