Insights are what matter

Focused and contextualised information enables you to take action and create commercial success. That's insight, not simple data.



The collected information. Data is every little thing that goes into the equation, but it doesn’t tell you much.



Understanding information. Analytics order data into meaningful groups, letting you start to make sense of the situation.



Contextualising information. Insights place data within a real environment — using analytics to make meaningful choices about a real situation.

Make meaningful and commercially relevant decisions


What is an insights platform?

Highlight centres your attention on relevant information using colourful, consistent and clear graphic design.

20 years’ experience working specifically with Service Providers means we know what you need to know.

What can an insights platform do?

Equipped with the right analysis, you can make better decisions, contextualise information and accelerate commercial goals.


How it works:

Highlight contextualises with customisable heat tiles and reports, enabling you and your customers to jump straight to relevant information on-demand.


Grow margin

By letting your teams have straightforward, informed conversations with your customers, you take a major step towards strengthening those relationships. Become more than just a provider of technology and customers will pay more for that level of service.


Build relationships

Highlight is a platform for you and your customers. Add insights that deepen relationships and engage with customers as a virtual part of their team. Enable long-term partnerships that make a difference to your bottom line, and your customers’.


Reduce churn

Insights create a more meaningful customer experience. Become integral to IT resource planning and a trusted part of your customers’ IT teams. Pay attention to the right customers at the right time — and talk to them in a language they understand.


Improve performance

Direct access to insights lets you focus on outcomes and spend less time crunching numbers. Contextualisation enables you to proactively solve problems, create better outcomes and deliver a seamless service.


Improve communication

You may have monitoring tools, but do your salespeople use them? Highlight provides dashboards and visualisations that are shareable between you and your customers. You can stay on the same page and have more meaningful conversations. 


Differentiate a commodity

Networks might be commoditised, but using them is not. Insights let you make that difference clear and create a value-added service that stands out, solves problems and delivers the real outcomes that your customers need.

Efficient, commercial, focused

The results speak for themselves


"The big benefit of Highlight is that it drives user engagement; it's an excellent way for people to see how a connection or an application is performing."
Mike Ayers - Chief Commercial Officer, GCI

“I receive a weekly report from Highlight with our top ten highest performing circuits. We’ve used these insights to successfully upsell our services to the tune of £20k gross profit.”
Paul Nocivelli - Head of Sales at Onecom 

"It's this single pane of glass across all our services that makes Highlight so special - it enables us to respond quickly with the right actions."
David Groves - Director of Software at Maintel

Insights connect data with outcomes

We’ve built Highlight to surface the right insights to the right people. Make taking action easier.


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