Analytics will enable Service Providers with Unified Communications

Written by Highlight

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    To drive the most value from UC managed services, it is essential that service providers and customers can see clearly that the service promised is being delivered. In addition, can the measurable value to the business be tangibly reported?

    The monitoring of managed UC services is best shared across a service provider and their customers, which is increasingly important when customer retention is so difficult in this competitive marketplace.

    Customers expect excellent visibility of the managed services that they are buying. Service Providers who are unable to give a clear picture of what’s being delivered will lose their enterprise customers over time and the contract renewal will not be forth coming. Service Providers of UC need to provide clear and trusted monitoring and measuring capabilities of their service, focusing on:

    Predictive insights for improved business performance. With insight into UC usage patterns (load), providers can work with customers to predict busy periods and adjust capacity provision accordingly.

    Trend analysis (stability). Measuring usage growth and Quality of Experience over time, to assess service quality and value for money. This makes future stability possible, supports capacity planning, and underpins service improvement.

    Customer experience and retention. Enterprise customer experience is key to retention of their continued business. If they are confident in the service quality and service management, then contract renewal becomes an easy engagement.

    Transparent relationship and trust. It is no secret that when service providers are more transparent with their customer and the service promise is being met or exceeded, transparently, the provider becomes a “trusted advisor”. Your UC monitoring and measuring capability for providing transparent metrics and reporting is critical to trust. It must demonstrate service assurance and a value confirmation. Factual, shared data enables a trusting relationship between service provider and enterprise.

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