The performance blame game

Written by Highlight

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    Being unable to actively monitor customers applications and infrastructure performance in relationship with one another leaves neither MSP nor customers in a position to understand where problems are arising. All too often MSPs can’t see customers application events that impact the network adversely and similarly, corporate enterprises are unable to see when and how these events are affecting their infrastructure. This condition leads to customers believing their provider’s network is of poor quality and the service provider has no evidence to dispute this claim.

    The divide here is between application and infrastructure performance events and the lack of transparency of both components of the IT landscape. Gartner have viewed the two as being distinct; infrastructure teams normally operate in different organisations, meaning it’s performance is monitored in isolation, making it likely for teams to face the blame game when issues arise as each team comes to the table to discuss the root cause of the fault. MSPs and their customers are often left in the dark as a result, especially if their application performance management tool seems to be showing no issues within the applications themselves. As a result, it is assumed that there is fault with the infrastructure, when in fact one has to be able to see clearly both components of the IT landscape to clearly identify the cause.

    MSPs and customers can no longer afford to not have complete visibility of network infrastructure events and application performance in one view. More than ever, it’s extremely important that tools have full capability to show the origin of arising issues. A synergy between application and infrastructure performance management is converging as more MSPs realise the importance of monitoring the two in correlation to provide greater transparency for their customers and in turn increase productivity and effective management.

    In a service-driven environment where competition is fierce, it’s important to build and maintain trusted relationships, these are destroyed easily if customers aren’t receiving the highest quality of service experience and transparency. MSPs need to deliver joined-up solid application and infrastructure performance management ensuring enterprises can focus on their most important business objectives to save time, resources and money and avoid playing the blame game.


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