A key take away from this years’ MSH Summit

Written by Highlight

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    Over the past two decades, network prices have been commoditizing continuously and applications have been moving into the cloud. Data centres have been changing hands from telco’s and carriers into system integrators as all types of companies providing IT services are looking to protect their customer base and keep margins as high as possible.

    A keynote from Gartner stated that companies on this journey need to start with the end in mind; one of Stephen Covey’s 7 Habit’s of Highly Successful People, by focussing more on business outcomes and less on features and functions. A recent global study also revealed the importance to focus on the top priorities of CEO’s: growth, customer, workforce, corporate and IT related, in that order. Perhaps no surprises on profit and cost focus but customer and workforce come ahead of IT related priorities pointing to the need for further solutions to solve problem processes and give people the right tools to use.

    We heard further speakers discussing the exciting opportunities for the MSP community and the ways in which companies can measure how effectively you are able to keep morphing and improving as the market dynamics of your customer and your customer’s customer change. A continuous emphasis was placed on the importance of looking across people, processes and systems to ensure the end goal is always achieved.

    At Highlight we were pleased to have two of our Partners, Maintel and Gamma, present their use cases of Highlight, our cloud based Performance Analysis, Monitoring and Reporting platform they use to drive their growth and customer successes. Arguably, they are well on the path of the trusted advisor status using Highlight as an enabler for their managed service delivery.


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