Benefits of Managed WiFi

Written by Highlight

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    In our previous blog post we discussed some of the common errors made with old, organic WiFi infrastructure and introduced the idea of managed WiFi services. If you’re a SMB, and still considering whether managed WiFi is worth the investment, here’s a list of some of the benefits to help you decide:

    Device and upgrade management

    WiFi infrastructure is extremely dynamic and upgrades are needed often, putting serious pressure on both the WLAN network and network administrators. To avoid them crashing your network, upgrades need to be done smoothly and correctly. Using a managed WiFi solution means you can rely on rapid changes or provisioning of new devices.

    Technical support

    Does your business have the time, capacity and resources to have the best understanding of your wireless management software? The answer is, probably not. Reduce the load on your dedicated on-site IT staff by using professional help from your service provider 24/7. They’ll do prompt troubleshooting to prevent costly downtime and ensure your business remains productive.

    Cost control

    The cost to build a wireless network from scratch and carry out routine upgrades is expensive. Initially, managed WiFi seems like a hefty investment, but you reap the rewards in the long run saving time and resources, as you focus on the things that really matter in your business.

    High security

    WiFi is a broadcast medium, inherently insecure. You significantly reduce the chance of suffering a security breach, by handing compliance and security off to specialist staff. Managed WiFi services offer layered security – encryption, centralised authentication, tracking of users and devices, intrusion detection and much more. How much have you thought about those things, while your WiFi network has grown?

    Greater visibility

    Better management should come with better visibility. You should be able to view, understand and control your WiFi network through easy-to-use monitoring dashboards, using this information to understand your business better and make quick decisions.

    Work culture has drastically changed over the last decade and WiFi infrastructure must be kept up-to-date to match the demand for fast mobility. Managed WiFi increases customer loyalty and employee productivity; you can gather useful information and metrics to understand customer behaviour and employees can work freely without being bound to a desk.

    Removing the burden of managing WiFi infrastructure in-house means you’re freed from the cost, management and stress that comes with it.


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