Service managers first in the firing line

Written by Highlight

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    A clear trend is to reduce the staff cost associated with servicing customer networks, with service managers first in the firing line. Responsible for overseeing and addressing customer concerns, and essentially bridging the gap between sales and technical support teams it is believed that they bring little tangible value to customer experience. More so, when there are no additional fees charged for reporting, administration and consultancy services, the financial department determine the headcount reduction of service managers, thinking that fewer heads can adequately support their customer accounts.

    Although service providers may be compelled to cut costs in this area of business, there is little thought given to the detriment that this can cause. Reducing staff count leads to:

    • Greater risk in reduced service levels – limited resource to manage the expectations and demands of several customers resulting in poor customer care
    • Low morale and motivation amongst remaining employees also reflected by a decline in service levels as they worry for their own job security and are suffering from being burnt out due to increased workloads
    • Lack of automation and access to adequate data making it difficult to produce customer focused reports that show how well or poorly services are performing
    • Lack of proactivity in reviewing customer services and offering thorough recommendations and remedial activities to improve networks and increase the speed of issue resolution – consequently service reviews hold no value to both provider and customer

    To enable cost reductions in service managers whilst achieving improved customer service, Highlight has introduced Managed Services which is an outsourced service management function. We can provide expertise backed by the Highlight Cloud platform to deliver what you need, when you need it, enabling your in-house service managers to do more for a fraction of the cost.

    How does it work?

    Highlight as a Managed Service gives you a clearly defined and expertly delivered service offering, removing the burden of configuration and optimisation management, administration, performance reporting, and consultancy insight.

    Our technical team provide their wealth of knowledge and expertise to you and your customers, identifying and understand their needs. The day-to-day monitoring, alerting and reporting on the performance of the IT estate combined with professional insights on how to deliver improvements to networks.

    By reducing the workload of your service and account managers, and eliminating the need for a Professional Services team, Highlight as a Managed Service gives you greater control over the daily operation, monthly service reviews, and customer strategic capacity planning.


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