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Paralympics and Silicon Cup Sailing

As we say goodbye to another fantastic Paralympics, Harry Blowers, our Olympic hopeful for Tokyo 2020, gives his views on the sailing competition.

“The Paralympics in Rio has been fantastic. Watching the boats was really exciting. They’ve had a good breeze which makes for a great spectator sport with lots of position changes. On the final Saturday, Helen Lucas in her 2.4m keelboat claimed a bronze medal having lead on the previous day. She won gold in London, so it’s fantastic that she won another medal.

The Sonar team delivered a mixed performance, coming third and last on the third day and then winning all their races on the next.

On the last day, they achieved a fantastic third place which put them in ninth position overall.

And Alexandra Rickham and Niki Birrell in their Skud-18 had some fantastic races. They did well on the first day, and then the second day was quite windy and one of the shackles that holds the sail came off. The rules say that you have to stay seated so Niki wasn’t able to stand up to fix it. However, in the same race, their close rival was disqualified, so despite missing the race they were still in medal position. In the final race, they managed to match their London achievement by winning a bronze medal.

Rio delivers a mixture of weather conditions, so the teams have to be able to cope with everything that is thrown at them and be good all-rounders with no weaknesses. I’m currently training in Weymouth and am loving my new squad. We’re working with all the other Olympic classes so I’m making lots of new friends.”

Although not a match for our Olympians, the Highlight team is also back on dry land after two days racing in the Silicon Cup.

Antony Bream, MD of Highlight reports: “Light winds on the first day meant all the spinnakers were out – a very pretty sight. In contrast, the second day was really gusty. The biggest excitement came when one of the yachts - not ours thank goodness - hit a wreck that was marked as a turning position in the race.

In sailing as in business, there are always obstacles. If you don’t monitor the changing conditions, look at what’s ahead, around and beneath, regardless of experience, mishaps are going to happen. I think our new AppVis tool fits into this theme rather nicely; it’s only when you can see all the cloud apps in your enterprise that you can take steps to remove them or make them safe.”