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Harry Blowers’ Incredible Foiling Laser

Couldn’t resist sharing some truly stunning sailing by Harry Blowers, sponsored by Highlight, and John Leach from Laser Performance.


"The control and balance of these two guys is amazing” says Antony Bream, MD of Highlight. “I used to sail a laser and had trouble keeping it upright let alone foiling. The technology behind the design and strength of these foils is really impressive, enabling the craft to glide above the water at top speed. But I’m equally impressed in how people like Harry can take on board all the information from different sources, such as wind, tide, sail trim and speed, to achieve the clarity needed to make quick and accurate decisions, much like our Highlight service.

As Harry adds, “What I learnt most is how precise you have to be on the rudder when foiling – any little movement is amplified when you’re going so much faster than normal.

Anyone who would like to try foiling should contact Southampton Water Activity Centre www.swac.co.uk