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Azzurri Communications transforms its managed services with Highlight

Azzurri has extended its use of the Highlight service to provide total visibility and proof of delivery of its new range of enhanced services.  The result is that Highlight is now part of Azzurri’s standard management service and is also a key component within the managed services for high volume customers.


Derek Wallace, Senior Product Manager, Professional Managed and Support Service at Azzurri says, “Our network customers need to keep their critical applications performing.  This means they require application performance information that is clear and concise with details on the flow of network data across their LANs and WANs.”

Derek adds, “These customers also want guarantees that their core network is resilient and that they are making the most of costly network assets.”

And as new services are introduced, Azzurri needs to give its customers clear proof that services are being supplied effectively and delivering value for money.


Azzurri’s National Operations Centres (NOCs) in Weybridge and Wakefield have used Highlight to monitor the performance of its whole network infrastructure since 2009.  Over the years, Highlight has also been used as a customised bespoke offering for larger customers.

Now, Highlight is available to all Azzurri’s customers.

“We’ve built Highlight into a fully productised managed service providing monitoring and insight into network health and application performance,” explains Derek.

By using a shared monitoring solution, both Azzurri and its customers have a single, clear view of how critical networks and business applications are performing. They can identify the top talkers and top listeners as well as allocate appropriate protocols.  It also means Azzurri’s customers can segment their own users, assign preferences and establish usage charges if required.

For example, a large technology retail chain allows a number of independent IT providers within each store to use its network to demonstrate their own products and content.  Now with Highlight, the retailer can segment the traffic to understand the impact that each IT provider has on the network.  They can then charge for traffic usage and give priorities to certain traffic alongside appropriate guarantees.

“We give our customers the capability to see what is happening on their network - with full reporting and trend analysis - so that they can identify trouble spots and take corrective action where necessary. Customers can then pass on network costs to their partners with ease, accuracy and full transparency,” says Derek.


Derek is clear about the benefits of Highlight: “It helps us to create a solution that is truly service-based; it moves us up the value chain for the customer and into the role of a strategic partner.  Highlight is now part of our packaged services that deliver real value and it’s these types of services that help cultivate trust and ensure our customers keep coming back for more.”

Since Azzurri uses Highlight in the back office and with customers, it means the organisation can be confident that the promises they make can be kept.  The technology organisation can assess each and every Service Level Agreement before it gets sold to ensure the right infrastructure and support is in place

Derek concludes: “Our service levels agreements are now closely aligned to what customers actually want to do, such as application response times.  Customers gain a real-time, visual display into the health and performance of critical applications such as Salesforce or CRM and this enables issues to be resolved quickly plus opportunities for improvements and best practice identified.  Most importantly, we can help our customers to transform what currently equates to network costs into valuable business-focused assets.”