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netEvidence at Carrier Cloud 2012

Novotel Wellness & Convention Centre, Paris – 19-21 June 2012
Richard Thomas, CEO of netEvidence is presenting at the Carrier Cloud 2012 Conference in Paris on the topic of ‘Giving Users Real-time Visual Insight into the Performance of their Services’. Richard is to be joined by speakers from Juniper, Microsoft, Orange, Contrail Systems and Cisco.

The Carrier Cloud Summit brings together specialists, experts, forecasters, end users and innovators for three days of sessions on how to build a cloud infrastructure that is controllable, accountable and quantifiable. The event will uncover the differing strategies adopted by the various participants - from traditional and new Carriers through to pure cloud computing players and vendors. And participants will have first-hand insight into how companies are building cloud and Big Data solutions today.

Richard’s presentation will outline the global Services that customers are looking for when moving to cloud, and the type of monitoring that Carriers must deliver in order to win and retain their business. He will showcase how Tier 1 global Carriers are using netEvidence’s Highlight monitoring-as-a-Service product to give themselves, and their customers, real-time visual insight into the performance of the critical technologies that run their business.

According to Richard, “Carriers adding new cloud-based Services to their portfolios need to ensure that both new and existing Services are being delivered effectively and that customers have full visibility into the performance of their Services. In turn, enterprises are placing increasing reliance on their Carriers for innovative uses of technology, and thus greater reliance is placed on the end-to-end visibility of these Services. Customers are also looking to their Carriers to deliver greater simplicity in the increasingly complex IT landscape.”

Richard adds, “Since most Carriers do not work at the level of an IT integrator, there is a danger of operating in the dark, with no immediate view into how new cloud-based Services are performing for their customers. Highlight delivers visibility and clarity to cloud Services that is usable by both management and engineers.”