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AIRCOM International fine-tunes IT resources with Highlight

As company networks are swamped by video streaming and other bandwidth hungry Applications, netEvidence reports a huge uptake of its Highlight Flow Support system as organisations battle to bring network usage under control.

netEvidence’s Highlight product monitors over 20,000 end user locations and reports on the technologies that enable successful business outcomes. The company has seen a marked increase in network usage for business Applications such as video conferencing, training videos and customer demos alongside video streaming via WiFi-enabled smartphones and iPads in its customers. With Highlight Flow Support, office managers have an intuitive tool to see where and when network traffic is heaviest, who is using it and how it is affecting vital business Applications.

Richard Thomas, Managing Director of netEvidence says, “Highlight Flow Support is proving to be the perfect tool in today’s market where businesses need to fully exploit their existing IT investments. The more these organisations understand about who is consuming what, where and when, the better they can optimise their networks and improve the performance of their businesses.”

Organisations like AIRCOM International, a leading independent network planning and optimisation solutions provider is using Highlight Flow Support to deliver the ultimate view into the performance of their technologies.

Craig Ellis, Infrastructure Manager at AIRCOM International says, “With Highlight Flow Support, we track usage down to individual user conversations, identifying exactly when network resources are being consumed and by whom. We can see clearly which ports are being used and by how much and even drill down to the exact time of day. We can then ensure that resources are being used legitimately as well as report back to the business if performance is slow, and identify why – perhaps due to heavy internet usage or large file sharing.”

Craig continues, “Highlight Flow Support helps us to streamline how we use our current bandwidth and enables us to plan more effectively for the future. We can tune resources more accurately to users’ needs by having a more thorough understanding of network usage. Rather than rush to invest in new networks, we can make the most from acceleration hardware.”

Highlight Flow Support delivers NetFlow performance data by accessing the Flow capabilities that are widely available in devices from Cisco, Juniper, HP and others. Highlight Flow Support, together with the Highlight Service, is designed to be easy-to-use across multiple roles within an organisation whilst delivering value to every level of user.