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Tour operating systems developer JFA reinstalls Highlight for network proof of delivery

JFA Systems, a leading provider of tour operating systems, has reinstated Highlight’s network and Application performance reporting Service from netEvidence after an eight month ‘blackout’. Highlight will enable JFA to ensure proof of delivery for its own business and for its tour operator clients which include the likes of Ski Esprit, Crystal Ski, Crystal Lakes and Mountains, Holidays 4U and Sunwings.

Tim Havenhand, Technical Director at JFA Systems Ltd says, “We managed without Highlight for about eight months following a change of Internet Service Providers. Our new ISP did not offer it, so we were delighted to find that the Service was available direct. We had missed the information Highlight provides and had been working in the dark as to how much capacity was being used or provided. Fortunately, we didn’t have any problems but the lack of visibility made it extremely uncomfortable.”

JFA delivers a complete integrated holiday booking system for its tour operator clients with almost 80% relying on JFA for the full administration of their web systems including the tracking of hotel and flight bookings through to direct communication with passengers. Clients then use a content management system to update their sites.

“With Highlight, we now have full visibility of our capacity requirement and it has shown that we currently use only 10BM of our 100MB line,” confirms Tim. “This means we can be confident that our network will perform, we can identify trends and can plan accurately for future capacity based on demand. It also means that our clients have ample bandwidth to access their hosted Services.”

Tim continues, “Highlight is invaluable – it is easy to set up and is accessible from any location. The graphical representation of network activity shows clearly any peaks and problems. Whilst the daily update reports and alerts mostly show that everything is running smoothly, we do get the odd one that shows increased traffic – a useful indicator on peak visitor times and a helpful confirmation of regular data transfers.”

Malcolm Murphy, Sales Director at netEvidence says, “We’re delighted that JFA Systems has decided to come to netEvidence direct. We do provide our Highlight solution to Service Providers and direct to end users and are therefore able to support both equally. And in terms of financial benefits, Highlight is ideal for both small and large organisations alike – as a Cloud Service, there is no large capital outlay to buy or configure the software, it is priced on a pay-as-you-go basis and it can be easily expanded as demand increases.”