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John Guest drives network value with netEvidence’s Highlight

Manufacturing firm John Guest takes on netEvidence’s Highlight to deliver value from new computer network investment 

netEvidence’s Highlight network and Applications monitoring solution (http://www.net-evidence.com) has been selected by manufacturing firm John Guest to deliver maximum value from its investment in a new computing network.

John Guest started using Highlight at the end of 2010 to monitor its new MPLS-based VPN. The MPLS is required to increase the John Guest’s use of videoconferencing and its reliability as well as to speed-up email communications between the firm’s head office in West Drayton, Middlesex and its major sales/distribution offices in the US, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

John Guest is the market leader in push-fit products delivering plumbing fittings, brass fittings, valves, manifolds, pipes, hoses and heating systems to a wide variety of industries including the automotive, plumbing, drinks dispense, pneumatic and fibre optic markets.

Howard Wheatley, IT Manager at John Guest says, “Our Service Provider gave us a standard monitoring tool for the MPLS but it was very slow and the data was difficult to interpret. Having used Highlight in the past, we knew it would be invaluable in helping us to get the maximum results from our new line.”

Howard continues, “Highlight is an easy-to-use SaaS-based tool that enables us to see clearly what is running over the network. It means we are not reliant on our Service Providers to tell us if there is a problem with a link - we have full visibility of how the network and the Applications are performing and can resolve minor issues before they become major problems. In fact, within the first few days of using Highlight, it identified an open video link between the UK and US that had been left open for over a week, using around 40 per cent of our bandwidth.”

In addition to the new MPLS, John Guest is planning to use Highlight across its whole network. Howard adds, “When we realised that Highlight could monitor all our lines - regardless of the Service Provider - it was a real bonus! We are now planning to use it to keep a watchful eye over some additional ADSL lines across the UK.”

Andi Willmott, Business Development Director at netEvidence says, “More and more enterprises are coming to us because they want a simpler view of their network and Applications. They also want proof of what they’re getting BUT they don’t want to own expensive/complex tools and people. Highlight delivers a ready-made solution that gives both Service Providers and enterprises real-time visibility of how their network is handling the Applications that run their business.”