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London South Bank University selects netEvidence’s Highlight to monitor Digital Business Services

London South Bank University has selected netEvidence’s Highlight SAAS monitoring to ensure that all of its digital business services are running effectively. The University’s Clearing system was the first to benefit; Highlight uncovered issues in the supporting technologies so corrective action could be taken before any systems outage occurred.

David Swayne, CIO at London South Bank University says, “A pilot of Highlight was set up in early August, a few weeks before A-level results day when Clearing starts and we receive a large volume of applicants’ calls about their applications. I was keen to test the system since we’d had a few issues in previous years which impacted upon the service we were able to deliver to prospective students.

“The real surprise was that it only took a few hours to set up Highlight – we could then see clearly how the various servers and network devices were coping. We found that the Clearing Service was consuming more memory and disk space than we had anticipated. Adjustments were made and the result was that we avoided any outages and kept the service running at full capacity.”

The University now plans to use Highlight across all of its primary digital services, to deliver a clear picture of supporting systems and components. The Highlight portal displays the major services as coloured tiles – green indicates that a service is good, amber shows a possible issue and red means attention is required. Email alerts are issued automatically when key thresholds are hit.

Highlight will be accessible by the 72-strong IT team as well as the University’s department managers.

“A key benefit of Highlight is that the reports require very little interpretation – anyone can understand them,” adds David. “They can look at Highlight’s colour coded Service Tiles to ensure that there are no issues with their specific digital service. The colour codes ensure we focus on the right things and there is a wealth of technical detail for those who need to investigate the issue further.”

In addition to monitoring on-site services, Highlight will also be used deliver an independent view of how recently outsourced services are performing such as student email.

David concludes, “Highlight has been an excellent addition to our system and netEvidence has proven to be extremely collaborative and helpful. The benefit of working with a smaller organisation is that they don’t just drop a software solution on you; they’ve worked closely with us to ensure we achieve the maximum benefits.”