A Record Year for Highlight

Written by Highlight

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    A record number of new capabilities have also been added to the Highlight cloud service this year. New features make it easier and faster for partners to deliver a shared, clear and simple management view of a digital landscape to their customers. Now everyone from senior executives, sales, service and operations can see clearly all digital services through a single pane of glass.

    Performance chart for 2016

    Antony Bream, MD of Highlight adds, The results have been a phenomenal and we’ve kicked off our new year with an extremely positive partner event and a record pipeline for new business. Our partners are finding that Highlight is really helping them to improve service level performance, reduce churn and increase revenues. By providing accurate, impartial evidence of a digital landscape through Highlight, service providers can create the highly coveted trusted advisor relationships with their customers. And to support the global deployment of Highlight for our Asia Pacific partners, we are thrilled to be opening our first overseas office in the region later this year.

    Richard Thomas, CEO of Highlight says, Through Antony’s clarity of vision and relentless drive over the past 12 months, the Highlight team and our partners have managed to truly capture and articulate the full benefits of the Highlight service. What makes Highlight truly special is its ability to facilitate conversations between our partners and their customers. Conversations that result in improved communication and understanding which leads to better relationships and better business.

    A recent partner survey (January 2017) reveals how partners are benefiting from Highlight:

    • 92% of partners view Highlight as an effective service for strengthening Service Level Agreements
    • 50% of partners use Highlight to secure customer contract renewals
    • 92% of sales teams use Highlight to up-sell network services
    • 83% of service management teams use Highlight to advise customers on the relationship of business applications to the network infrastructure
    • 55% see Highlight as critical to the success of the network planning and provisioning decisions
    • 91% feel that Highlight enables them to enhance their Network Services to customers

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