Australian MSP Now IT Solutions selects Highlight to enhance its customer experience and service offering for its national network

Written by Highlight

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    Now IT is using Highlight to deliver clarity into how its enterprise customers experience its services. By consolidating its monitoring systems with Highlight, Now IT has easy access to reports for use by both its technical support teams and customers.

    Darren Brown, network manager at Now IT Solutions says, “We’re looking to provide our customers with the ability to transparently see how their network services are performing”.

    Darren introduced Highlight to Now IT in April 2018 having previously used the service when he worked at Easynet in the UK. Following a proof of concept, Highlight was seen to be an enabler to Now IT’s business goals regarding customer service and experience.

    Darren continues, Highlight’s simplicity is its real appeal. The user interface is easy to understand, it’s easy to set up and the data is easy to access. It’s already providing extremely useful information for our NOC team; at a glance, they can narrow down the root cause of issues to stability, load or health. Drilling down into the tile quickly shows the length and severity of the issue in visualisations that are easy to understand yet provide the required detail for a NOC team to react.

    Rather than look at the network and applications from a system monitoring point of view, Highlight looks at the network from each router’s perspective. Interrogating the router for its perspective on an outage is a much better way of monitoring. IPSLA tests can be configured from the interface with a few simple clicks.

    Bringing everything into Highlight has been a relatively straightforward process and subsequently we have enjoyed reliable operations for over a year now. Highlight allows us to quickly provide our customers with access to the exact information we see from the technical perspective. Highlight access has allowed our customer’s network teams greater insight into the performance of their network, applications and assists in providing information to resolve support incidents before they become problems. This helps minimise support costs for everyone involved whilst providing a positive customer experience.

    Looking to the future, Darren believes his account management colleagues are a key beneficiary of the Highlight service. “It is extremely useful when we go to customer meetings. With Highlight, we can show the customer exactly what the network looks like and how their services are performing. If they need to upgrade, we can clearly show what they are currently using with full details about the load they are putting on the service.”


    About Now IT Soltuions

    Now IT Solutions is a dynamic technology solution provider with the capabilities to provide its customers one point of call for all their business technology needs. We cater for the small to medium business market through to enterprise commercial businesses. Leveraging our National Private Network, our own Computer and storage Infrastructure backed with technical know-how from our highly skilled team, we deliver Private Cloud solutions, Hosted Voice Services, Cloud Security and Data Backup Services, coupled with first class end point management and support packages.


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