Azzurri re-signs the latest version of Highlight from netEvidence

Written by Highlight

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    A central feature of the Azzurri NOC is its investment in service automation tools and nowhere is this better represented than by the deployment of the latest generation of the Highlight network and application management platform. Highlight provides Azzurri with clear and simple visibility into how, where and by whom critical business services and applications are being consumed.

    Azzurri’s NOC delivers round the clock support to hundreds of large enterprises and public sector organisations as well as to thousands of smaller businesses. Support services embrace Unified Communications systems, IP Telephony, Multimedia Contact Centre, Local and Wide Area Networking, Print and Document Solutions as well as fixed and mobile infrastructure, airtime and end devices.

    Richard Davies, Azzurri’s Director of Service Strategy and Technical Assurance says, Azzurri has had a long and excellent relationship with netEvidence but, never the less, we carried out a comprehensive review of the market when re-fitting and upgrading our NOC systems. We concluded that Highlight continues to represent the best solution for us and in turn our customers.

    The Highlight management platform is used by Azzurri’s NOC support technicians to provide proactive supervision as well as a tool to investigate specific incidents. A large screen in the operations centre displays blended performance headlines of monitored and managed networks, drawing data from Highlight and other management platforms. It is also used for demonstrations to visiting Customers and Prospects alike.

    Richard continues, Automation of applications and services alongside provider performance monitoring and supervision is critical. This ensures trends are highlighted before potential service impacting events occur and, where those events do occur, they can be quickly identified, analysed and service restored or work-arounds provided – all with the necessary information to provide Customers with timely feedback and advice.

    Alongside its physical presence at the newly refurbished NOC in Burnley, Azzurri’s distributed Network Operations Capability for business continuity and flexible working ensures its team can deliver the best possible service to customers at any time and from anywhere in the country.

    About Azzurri Communications

    Azzurri Communications is transforming UK organisations through technology and managed services. Since 2000, Azzurri has helped its customers to become faster, more connected and more competitive by delivering unrivalled expertise and award-winning services.

    Azzurri’s flexible services and integrated solutions include unified communications, enterprise mobility and flexible working, networks, contact centres and document solutions. Today, Azzurri is focused on delivering transformational solutions for mid-market private enterprise and public sector organisations. Azzurri helps securely connect organisations with their people and their customers, in the office, on the move and in the cloud.


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