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Keep your eye on the ball

Peter Dubens' talking heads session at Daisy Group's conference last week was fascinating.

As the Executive Chairman of the fast growing Daisy Group telecoms firm, Peter was reminiscing about past successes and failures.

On the upside, he acquired, restructured and consolidated public and private companies, namely 365 Media Group and Pipex Communications.

For the less successful, he talked about his involvement in 2E2 which went bust in January 2013, owing millions to creditors.

Peter attributed the failure mainly to 2E2's management team, who took their eye off the ball and ultimately ran out of cash.  The main point was that they were looking and monitoring the wrong things. They didn't spot that they were going down the pan until it was too late.

It really proves the point that you have to have visibility of the right things at the right time to make the right decisions.

When asked what was his biggest mistake, Peter recalled how he turned down the opportunity to be the sole UK distributor for Starbucks.  He decided that a chain of coffee shops wouldn't catch on!  It just goes to prove that even the most successful people can't always see into the future - there's hope for us all!