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Writing a cheque your network can’t cash

I’d like to claim that our sales of Highlight come from lovingly-crafted sales campaigns and marketing activity, but I can’t believe the number of ‘Help !’ calls we get from Service Providers who are currently being beaten up by customers over Service Level Agreements.

If you’re a Service Provider selling products with SLAs, be careful :  Salespeople are being pressured to sell SLAs based on things they can’t monitor or prove. And some of them are giving in, just to get the deal. Here are some of my favourite SLA stories from the last few months:

Significantly, there are no widely-accepted standards for Data or Application SLAs ; and Enterprises are way more agile than Service Providers in rolling their own, leaving the CSPs to play catch-up. If you’re a CSP promising levels of service, it’s worth taking the time to make sure there's a closed loop between your Sales Teams, who write those SLA cheques, and Service Management who have to cash them...