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Don't pick up the phone!

With the deadline for infant, junior and primary school applications coming up in January, we’re working with a Council’s head of digital services to ensure that this vital online service is working efficiently.

Choosing first schools can be very stressful - a family doesn’t need to contend with slow or unresponsive websites to add to their anxiety.

We’re helping the Council to ensure that all systems are working properly. We allow the council to check rapidly that the technical infrastructure supporting this digital service is up to the task and that the supporting databases are all connecting and performing properly.

We’re also monitoring this Councils’ website front page, the pages dealing with planning applications and additionally, their consultation portal – an area where residents can submit their views on issues such as flood risks, housing payments, health and wellbeing.

Moving more services to the web and away from the call centre makes good financial sense. And many residents appreciate being able to submit information at any time of day and resolve their issues quickly online.

But councils must ensure excellent performance from these web services or residents will revert to the more expensive and time consuming telephone or face to face meetings.