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Recycling education

With the aim of improving how residents recycle their waste, one of our council clients is undertaking an education campaign to change behaviours, rather than impose punitive fines.

Incorrect items in the recycling system can cost councils many thousands of pounds. To tackle this issue, our client has equipped its refuse collection drivers with mobile devices so that they can identify the location/properties of those recycling incorrectly. The resident is then targeted with educational materials.

This fits nicely with a new incentive scheme that the government is currently trialling - where households are rewarded with vouchers for good recycling. The council's in-cab reporting system could easily be adapted to the new scheme if found to be successful.

But to make it work, the council needs to receive accurate and timely information.

With our Highlight service, we check continuously that the mobile connections in the lorry cabs are working. When the driver identifies a particular location, Highlight ensures that the information is not lost – it confirms that all supporting infrastructures are working, that the information is delivered and that it is then processed.

From my perspective, I'm all in favour of the incentive scheme. If they can hit a balance between reward and effort on a personal level, I think recycling behaviours will improve dramatically!