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Are you ready for clearing?

Is your University concerned about how your digital systems will perform during Clearing this year? Or perhaps you’ve had problems during Clearing in the past that were difficult to identify and solve?

This was exactly how David Swayne, CIO at London South Bank University (LSBU) felt. His institution had experienced a few issues during Clearing in previous years which impacted upon the service he was able to deliver to prospective students.

So early last August, David set up our Highlight monitoring service to give him full visibility of his digital systems and components. He was then able to pre-empt issues with proactive management rather than react to them once they’d occurred.

According to David, “The real surprise was that it only took a few hours to set up Highlight. With full visibility of our servers and network devices, I could see clearly cpu and memory usage, disk space, website traffic, network data volumes and user response times – all within one graphical display. When the big Clearing day came, I could see by early afternoon that disk usage was up to 95 or 96 per cent. We could potentially have run out, so I was able to be proactive and allocate more resources to prevent this. As a result the system kept running at full capacity.”

Any kind of failure can be highly damaging in terms of reputation and student recruitment, so the health and resilience of systems is of great concern to management and IS professionals alike. netEvidence’s Highlight service is perfect for the IS team to monitor systems’ health. It’s also valuable for senior management who need assurance that all is well – they can look at Highlight’s colour coded Service Tiles to get a top level view and make sure there are no issues with their specific digital servic

To learn more about how to cope with Clearing and other high-demand events, as well as an insight into LSBU’s experiences, download our free eBook Are You Ready For Clearing? at http://www.net-evidence.com/eBook