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Getting into a spin about Service Delivery

Managed Services are becoming the centre of gravity across the whole IT industry. Not only are Service Providers going through a major transition coping with the increase in demand for these Managed Services, but enterprise IT Departments themselves are becoming service providers to their own businesses and customers.

What these people need most is the ability to see, in real time, exactly how their users are experiencing these services but also proof that agreed services are achieving objectives. Many of our clients are now using Highlight to deliver on both these requirements (see case study on JLT).

As the provision of managed services is playing a bigger role for our clients, we at netEvidence need to ensure that we are playing a bigger part in helping them to deliver these services. We need to ensure that we are part of their conversations as they build their services; and ensure the part that we play is as well matched as possible.

To this end, we’re delighted to welcome Anthony Madden as our Technical Service Manager. Anthony is an expert in service delivery and brings to netEvidence considerable skill in managing the needs of clients. His appointment demonstrates our renewed focus on service delivery and will ensure users have an excellent experience when using Highlight and that they can take full advantage of its capabilities to further improve their services.

We are applying a more ‘outside-in’ perspective. Our technology services team concentrates on the operations – an essential inside-out role - ensuring everything is running effectively. Anthony’s appointment strengthens our outside-in focus, ensuring that we are more aware of how our customers are experiencing the services that they take from us. So rather than simply trusting what our eyes tell us when our systems say everything is working well, we are asking customers what they need from us and then tailoring netEvidence and Highlight to those needs.

It’s a managed service progression. It’s a big change in the mind-set for our partners and customers. We are helping them to deliver a good service and then helping them to demonstrate to their own customers that a good service is being delivered. This is good news from a commercial point of view too since it keeps customers happy and ensures they keep coming back for more.