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Guest blog: JLT achieves transparency with its global infrastructure supplier

Chris Hunter, Group Service Delivery Director at Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group (JLT), the leading British-based insurance and benefits consulting business, explains how Highlight from netEvidence helps him to manage relations with global outsourcing partner HCL Technologies.

According to Chris, “Managing partners is all about transparency; and success comes when everyone is looking at the same information.”


The Issue

smallLogo JLTAt JLT, our big issue was that we wanted to know exactly how our users were experiencing our global IT services. Traditional sourcing contracts are geared around physical measures like server up time, capacity and performance. This provides only half the picture; it says nothing about a colleagues’ experience of the service itself.

We’ve been working with HCL as our infrastructure supplier for over four years. It’s not that HCL wasn’t being transparent – they try hard to be as open as possible but the information and alerts they generated were all about the infrastructure and the applications and this didn’t translate to the users’ experience.


The Solution

To help put us in touch with our users, netEvidence’s Highlight service offered the most flexibility and gave us the greatest insight both in real-time and historically. A key part of the project’s success was that HCL engaged with us on the use of Highlight from the very start.

We have now rolled out Highlight across our offices in the UK and in Mumbai and Pune in India. This enables us to monitor and report on how key services are performing, in real-time, between our main UK offices, our farm of Citrix servers and our data centres.

This means can monitor all of our overseas sites across 40 territories with some 9,500 employees.

Highlight delivers clear indicators on the experience of users with traffic light colours to identify if any service is underperforming and where. This could be the Citrix desktop tools for email and file sharing through to VoIP which is vital in the call centre. Key applications that form part of a service, such as accounting and payroll, are also monitored.

Now if someone at JLT can’t do something, the teams within JLT and HCL can see where the issue occurred and what other elements are involved. If a service is underperforming, Highlight informs the team of the problem and where in the infrastructure the issue exists – network link or device, server, or application. We also know which users are impacted, the level of impact, and which team should be working towards a resolution.

HCL uses Highlight as their own monitoring capability and it’s their first point of call when watching the health of our system. What’s really helpful is that we both have the same graphical view of our entire organisation – they see what we see and we see what they see.

In addition, JLT has a global TV channel that has Highlight’s graphical display showing how all IT services are performing. If something is not working properly and turns red, everyone in the company can see what we see.


The Benefits

Highlight gives us a much more accurate picture of the user experience at an office level. We are able to put ourselves in the seat of our colleagues and see our services through their eyes.

Critical to the success of Highlight is that we have worked closely with HCL - we didn’t want them to feel threatened but rather embrace and augment the service we deliver to our colleagues. And having this shared view of our system means that HCL is able to be transparent and we have a much better understanding of the service that we are paying them to deliver.


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