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At netEvidence, we believe the best way to improve the digital services used by your employees and customers is to monitor proactively the steps across the infrastructure that simulates their experience. This simulation can operate 24/7 to deliver a consistent view on how the infrastructure is coping.

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Chris Hunter, Group Service Delivery Director at Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group (JLT), the leading British-based insurance and benefits consulting business, explains how Highlight from netEvidence helps him to manage relations with global outsourcing partner HCL Technologies.

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Many Communication Service Providers (Telco’s) still encounter significant challenges when presenting their services to potential Enterprise customers; often they find that they quickly start talking about service delivery in terms of technology availability. The outcome is usually a set of Service Level Agreements that are difficult to deliver and not entirely relevant to the needs of the customer. However, what the Enterprise is increasingly looking to talk about is the delivery of their services to their customers and these technically based SLA’s cannot satisfy this need.

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Council Website Performance 2014
Council Website
Performance 2014

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Survey finds a drop in councils’ website performance by five per cent - 69 per cent of UK councils fail website performance test compared to 64 per cent in 2013

Thurrock Council outpaces its peers - website was 122 times faster than the slowest

Local councils need greater visibility of their online services if they hope to deliver on the government’s 'Digital by Default Service Standard’ introduced in April.

The standard requires that a user’s experience of digital services must be so good that they prefer to carry out the transaction online rather than by phone, post or in person.

New research reveals that 69 per cent of councils' front-line websites are underperforming. The study of 227 UK councils found that 69 per cent (156) failed to meet the threshold of good website performance, five percentage points more than last year.


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Managed Services are becoming the centre of gravity across the whole IT industry. Not only are Service Providers going through a major transition coping with the increase in demand for these Managed Services, but enterprise IT Departments themselves are becoming service providers to their own businesses and customers.

What these people need most is the ability to see, in real time, exactly how their users are experiencing these services but also proof that agreed services are achieving objectives. Many of our clients are now using Highlight to deliver on both these requirements (see case study on JLT).

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Is your University concerned about how your digital systems will perform during Clearing this year? Or perhaps you’ve had problems during Clearing in the past that were difficult to identify and solve?

This was exactly how David Swayne, CIO at London South Bank University (LSBU) felt. His institution had experienced a few issues during Clearing in previous years which impacted upon the service he was able to deliver to prospective students.

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