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One in ten internet connections used by small, medium and large enterprises are overloaded to the point where a user’s experience of key applications is likely to be affected, according to a survey by netEvidence. The study looked at the internet usage of 700 organisations over a five day period during normal office hours in February 2013.

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Peter Dubens' talking heads session at Daisy Group's conference last week was fascinating.

As the Executive Chairman of the fast growing Daisy Group telecoms firm, Peter was reminiscing about past successes and failures.

On the upside, he acquired, restructured and consolidated public and private companies, namely 365 Media Group and Pipex Communications.

For the less successful, he talked about his involvement in 2E2 which went bust in January 2013, owing millions to creditors.

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This week's Cisco Live event was a busy one, and we were helping out NetApp by speaking on their stand out on the show floor. It's always an interesting task, talking to an audience which can get up and leave at any moment, and very different from the usual lecture theatre or breakout room. To me the most interesting part came from putting together our presentation, which involved explaining why and how we're moving our Highlight service onto a Virtualised environment with our hosting partners, Claranet. We listed the usual, obvious benefits such as scalability, and resilience - but then got to thinking about Testing.

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Internet traffic amongst businesses during the Olympics increased by an average of 25 per cent, according to new research by netEvidence. The study also found that 30 per cent of organisations pushed their internet circuits to full capacity during the Games, with the highest jump of 150 per cent recorded by a London-based executive recruitment firm.

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I’d like to claim that our sales of Highlight come from lovingly-crafted sales campaigns and marketing activity, but I can’t believe the number of ‘Help !’ calls we get from Service Providers who are currently being beaten up by customers over Service Level Agreements.

If you’re a Service Provider selling products with SLAs, be careful :  Salespeople are being pressured to sell SLAs based on things they can’t monitor or prove. And some of them are giving in, just to get the deal. Here are some of my favourite SLA stories from the last few months:

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Working with Gartner at the moment on getting our product positioning and marketing focus exactly right. It's a relief to be working with people who take such a structured approach to what has become a very large market segment (Monitoring and Visibility) but it underlines the fact that the term ‘Application Performance Monitoring’ (APM) is starting to mean separate things to two very different groups of people.

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