Confido partners with Highlight to meet the Managed Services customer need for transparency

Written by Highlight

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    Confido started life as a consultancy two years ago assisting private equity firms with pre-sales due-diligence on the IT and network capabilities within medium sized enterprises. This was often followed by an invitation to fix any identified issues. The company was set up by Paul Cragg and Pete Bowers after EasyNet was sold to Interoute in 2016, and the two founders each have over 20 years of experience in the service provider industry.

    Pete Bowers interview video

    Pete Bowers, CEO of Confido says, In working directly with our consultancy customers, we could see clearly what was missing and what was needed. We spotted a big gap in the market and identified that customers needed a whole new approach to managed services. These organisations were searching for an open and honest service using real data that they could understand and on which they could make informed decisions.

    According to Pete, the service provider market often suffers from an insular viewpoint. The issue is that the products and services on offer are not ready to be consumed by medium sized enterprises; specifically, the matrix of service delivery measurements mean absolutely nothing to the non-technical decision makers in these organisations.

    Pete continues, Companies looking at digital transformation projects are faced with considerable difficulties. Most have no visibility of the applications that traverse their network, exposing the business to both operational and security threats. And when the IT is often managed by the CFO, they may have little confidence when it comes to major IT system upheavals. They are however, highly receptive to partners who can help them understand how their IT is operating today, show them what can be achieved tomorrow and deliver guidance on each small step required to take that journey.

    Paul Cragg, Chief Technical Officer, adds, Highlight is the key to being able to have sensible and tactical conversations with our customers. We’ve been using Highlight on all our projects and it provides a clear business view of how the IT is running and most importantly, how critical applications are performing. The key benefit is that Highlight is completely independent, and it delivers a shared source of trusted information to both the customer and ourselves. With Highlight, we provide the analytics on the data to ensure customers truly understand what they are seeing and what they need to do – the priority is always to ensure staff have access to the information and tools they need to do their job.

    Edmund Cartwright, Sales and Marketing Director Highlight says, The Highlight and Confido teams have a well-established working relationship. The Confido team are extremely professional and we can see their value in the Managed Service market. The current managed services market is still in need for greater transparency between Service Providers and the Corporate Customers, we’re convinced that Confido will do well with their consultative approach.

    About Confido

    Confido Managed Services is focused on helping and supporting medium sized businesses with their technology challenges. Either complementing their existing technical team or acting as a virtual IT team, Confido is able to guide business owners and decision makers through the constantly evolving technology landscape.

    With digital transformation, cloud computing and cyber security being at the forefront of today’s business, Confido can help you cut through the hype and technical jargon to select the services that deliver meaningful value. This allows you to concentrate on what really matters – running your business and making it even more successful.

    About Highlight

    Since the year 2000, Highlight has enabled Service Providers and Enterprise Corporates to see clearly both network and applications performance in real-time. As well as delivering visibility and analytics, Highlight enables service providers and enterprise customers to both have visibility of the same accurate, easy to use graphical information. This critical data supports the right conversations concerning issue resolution, planning and capacity management. Highlight supports and enhances ICT expansion, new technology deployment and cloud transition initiatives, where both providers and corporates are confident in the partnership.

    Highlight is software as a service, delivering powerful value to the business performance of service providers and enterprise corporates around the world. Highlight is fast and easy to deploy. Highlight’s simple pricing structures and zero CAPEX makes it a business enabler which is budget sensitive. Highlight guarantees providers and corporates better business results in network and applications service management, operations and customer experience.

    The Highlight service is used in 90 countries, on 6,000 enterprise networks including 40% of the FTSE-100. Highlight, providing the best provider and corporate customer value and experience at a competitive price.


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