Daisy Wholesale showcases Highlight solution in VIP lounge

Written by Highlight

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    Convergence Summit South – 7-8 October 2015

    Daisy Wholesale currently uses Highlight to add value and enhance its thriving Ethernet family of products. There are four levels of the Highlight service on offer that deliver increasing functionality and benefit to the reseller and the end user; the basic level of which is provided free of charge.

    Richard Thomas, CEO of netEvidence says, Daisy’s resellers have a host of new opportunities with Highlight. They can monitor the stability of services, line health and usage to foster better communications with their customers. They can also give customers access to the same online reports with opportunities to upsell the service with greater reporting features and functionality.

    netEvidence’s product, Highlight, provides a ‘digital window’ into the performance of critical business services delivered via networks and applications.

    Highlight is extremely easy to use. This means resellers and their customers don’t have to be technical experts to understand what is happening with their service. Most importantly, Daisy’s team and its resellers have access to the same information via the Highlight portal which will deliver greater transparency and help improve communication and ongoing support.


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