Harry Blowers in the U21 World Sailing Championships

Written by Highlight

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    We caught Harry on his mobile before he took to the water:

    “I’ve spent the whole year working up to these championships, so I’m really excited. So far we’ve had two days of training. We’ve now started three days of qualifying before the final three competition days with two races per day. I’ll keep you posted on how it all goes.

    Alongside the training, I’ve enjoyed streaming the Olympics in the evenings. Giles Scott came a disappointing 17th in his first Fins race – this is remarkable since he hasn’t been beaten in an event since 2013. It’s a clear indication of Rio’s difficult conditions. There are very light winds and a strong tidal factor due to the islands in the channel, which makes the conditions very hard to read. However, there’s a few more races, so I’m hopeful Giles will come back and win it. Windsurfer Bryony Shaw was very unlucky. She hooked a shopping bag which catapulted her off her board.

    For an event you’ve been training for your whole life, this was really sad. I’m also following Nick Thompson in the Men’s Lasers – he’s had an average start but I hope he’ll find some performance by the end of the week. The interesting thing is that everyone is really up and down, which again shows the difficult conditions. For example, Robert Scheidt, Brazil’s home favourite came in 1st, then 27th and then 3rd. So for Nick, there’s still hope and he may still have an opportunity to be in the medals.”

    Highlight adds:

    “We wish Harry the very best of luck over the next few days and look forward to hearing all about it. It’s interesting to see that whilst these guys have all their equipment fully optimised, they still encounter difficult conditions and come across major obstacles. I like the way that sailing has parallels with our technical world – we always have to expect the unexpected and we must be able to steer around any issue to ensure applications are kept running at their very best performance. In sailing and technology, being able to see clearly what is happening and being able to foresee problems is the key to success.”


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