Highlight acknowledge Daisy’s strong performance

Written by Highlight

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    The campaign, which Daisy ran at the back-end of last year, saw the business target its direct SMB customers with the Highlight product as an add-on to their existing Daisy connectivity service.

    Once Highlight was in place, the business’ account managers were able to gain visibility of the customers’ connectivity usage and launch an up-sell campaign that was specific to the customers’ requirements.

    Dave McGinn, Managing Director of Daisy SMB, comments, Highlight is a fantastic service that all businesses can benefit from. The analytics that it provides are extremely detailed, and as a result we were able to specifically target customers who were using 80% or more of their bandwidth, and offer them the chance to upscale to ensure that their connectivity experience wasn’t degraded.

    As a result, these customers are now benefitting from an improved connectivity service. Happy customers – and we like happy customers! It’s great to have partnerships like this within the industry to enhance our customers’ experience.

    Antony Bream, MD at Highlight, adds, “The Highlight product offers a business management view through a single pane of glass, which is shared by both Daisy and their customers. We are delighted that Daisy is using Highlight to support its business performance and strengthen its customers’ service experience.”

    The award comes just weeks after global vendor Lenovo granted Daisy Gold Business Partner status.


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