Highlight enhances application visibility aided by partners and customers

Written by Highlight

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    Berendsen, a world leading textile rental and laundry service, has assisted Highlight in the design of enhancements to its application visibility (AppVis) feature, a key element of its network and application monitoring service.

    Communications and networking provider Gamma supplies Highlight to Berendsen as an integrated part of its managed network service. Highlight ensures both Gamma and Berendsen have full visibility into the behaviour of all applications as well as the advanced voice and data network which serves Berendsen’s 100 sites and 52 laundries across the UK.

    Antony Pugh, IT Service Manager at Berendsen says, With the enhanced window into our network and applications, we can take a truly proactive approach using both real-time and historical data to guide our analysis and sizing of the network. What’s particularly refreshing is that Gamma has enabled us to prove the concept of new features and then we can purchase through our managed service agreement. This level of dialogue and trust across all parties makes life so much easier and delivers far greater value from our managed network services.

    Highlight’s new AppVis service now includes a range of new filtering capabilities and trend analysis to help organisations like Berendsen understand what is happening on their network.

    According to Pugh, The new filters ensure we focus on what’s important. For example, I know that Citrix, Printing and Microsoft Azure are the highest utilised across the network, so I don’t need to constantly see this level of information. Instead I can concentrate on any usage spikes in valid applications as well as any increases in less desirable applications such as BitTorrent, Facebook or Netflix. I can then minimise abuse without penalising valid usage; this is only possible if I can see clearly what is happening through Highlight.

    AppVis makes it easy to ensure that all our applications are allocated the correct Class of Service. During our initial trials, we found that some of the Citrix traffic was using secondary channels, which we were then able to adjust to top priority. We can download data to a more granular level to review Quality of Service settings as well as look at performance at specific sites. The improved calendar views also allow comparisons of application performance on a day by day or month by month basis.

    Highlight’s comprehensive reports enable Pugh to validate any future investment in increased bandwidth. I have proof that everything on the network is being used correctly and any upgrades can be justified.

    The Highlight cloud service is under constant development and the team works closely with its partners like Gamma and its end customers to ensure that investment in new features delivers real benefits.

    Richard Thomas, CEO at Highlight says, Our development team identifies user champions to help us develop new services and capabilities that help customers to do their jobs better. Our best champions have excellent creative insight since they need to visualise what might happen if a product is changed to suit their needs. We are extremely grateful to Gamma and Berendsen for their involvement.

    David Macfarlane, Managing Director at Gamma says, Highlight is a long standing partner and key integrated part of our managed network service ecosystem. The latest developments in Highlight help raise the bar in network management terms and provide greater visibility of network and application performance. It is a valued relationship where our process of continual development always ensures the best problem solving services for Gamma and its Customers.

    Product details:

    Groups – applications can be assigned to groups then filtered to display only those groups of most interest. AppVis comes with a Default set of groups including Critical, General, Suspect and Trivial, and users can create their own. Different applications can be assigned to a group e.g. putting Outlook into general, or a rogue application into suspect.

    Grouping in AppVis screenshot

    Filter by Class of Service – this enables users to see all the applications using a given Class such as RealTime or Priority. This helps to identify if any rogue traffic such as Facebook is using a priority class. Whereas some phone and video traffic may have been misconfigured and set for a secondary class of service.

    Filter by class of service screenshot

    Trend charts – this shows usage for each day of the month from the time period selected. It’s a useful view of application usage over time. By hovering over each bar, users can see the actual usage for each day. This calendar control shows if there are odd bits of traffic at different times, showing what it was and when. It allows comparisons to different days so it’s easier to track any problems.

    trend charts screenshot

    About Gamma

    Gamma is a rapidly-growing technology-based provider of communications services to the UK business market. Gamma’s services, such as Cloud PBX, Inbound Call Control Services and SIP Trunking, are designed to meet the increasingly complex voice, data and mobility requirements of businesses, through the exploitation of its know-how and its own intellectual property.

    Gamma also provides business-grade mobile and data services and, as a consequence of its history, has a substantial voice service capability. These services enable Gamma to provide a comprehensive range of communications services. Gamma has enjoyed strong organic revenue and EBITDA growth driven by a high percentage of repeat revenues. The business had 821 employees on 31 June 2016. It operates across six main locations – headquartered in Newbury – with offices in London, Manchester, Glasgow, Portsmouth and Budapest.


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