Highlight makes senior appointments to drive expansion

Written by Highlight

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    Martin Saunders has taken up the position of Highlight’s Product Director having spent 21 years in the Service Provider market, most recently as Technical Director at Claranet. Prior to that Martin helped AOL to deliver its UK network and also worked for Easynet.

    Jon Walters has been appointed Head of Channel Development after working at Solar Communications as Head of Business Development and prior to that Head of Data Services. Jon was also Channel Account Director at Exponential-e and Head of Sales and Channel at 8el.

    As Highlight’s new Head of Engineering, Martin Rowan brings with him over 20 years of technical leadership experience in software development across a variety of functions whilst at Citrix Systems including Director of Software Engineering for the XenApp and XenDesktop for the past six years.


    Richard Thomas, CEO at Highlight says, We’re delighted that such high calibre individuals with their considerable experience in the telecommunications industry have joined our growing team. Martin Saunders will help to ensure the continuous enhancements of the Highlight product as we bring on new partners. Jon Walters’ appointment is critical as we undertake this major channel acquisition strategy. And Martin Rowan’s role as Head of Engineering will focus on extending the flexibility of Highlight for our partners, confirms Richard.

    Highlight is already used by Tier 1 and 2 Service Providers across the global marketplace, as well as UK based MSPs. We anticipate new partners to come from the UK but also from Germany, Benelux, the Nordics and the Middle East. These MSPs, particularly those servicing small to medium-sized businesses, are looking to differentiate their offer by excelling at customer service. We will help them to enhance and automate their services and customer experience by delivering the tools to underpin continuous service performance monitoring, alerting and reporting for both the service provider and the corporate customer.


    Martin Saunders, Product Director has considerable experience and knowledge of the Service Provider market with over 21 years in the industry. During the past 11 years, he was at Claranet in a range for roles from technical, product through to commercial. Prior to that, he helped AOL to deliver its UK network and worked for Easynet.

    I’ve known Highlight for over 10 years and was responsible for introducing the service to Claranet, and it is still a major part of Claranet’s offering,” says Martin. “Highlight delivers transparency of data, visualised in a non-technical way so everyone can see what is going on. It gives providers the chance to improve their services and repair the lack of trust they often face with customers. Transparency is key and having proof of the quality of a service verified by a third party helps deliver that trust.

    He adds, The opportunity for Highlight is huge. The service has traditionally been used by larger Service Providers but there’s a new wave of born-in-the-cloud providers. Whilst these new players do not have lots of technical assets, they still need to deliver transparency to customers. My role is to ensure that new functionality within Highlight makes the service even more flexible and enable these new cloud providers to scale-up the service in a fast and reliable way.

    Jon Walters, Head of Channel Development, will focus on helping partners to achieve a competitive advantage by becoming trusted advisors to their customers.

    Jon has over 16 years as a sales and management professional in the telecommunications industry. He joins Highlight from Solar Communications where he held the roles of Head of Business Development and prior to that Head of Data Services. Before Solar Communications, Jon was Channel Account Director at Exponential-e and Head of Sales and Channel at 8el.

    Jon says, People often have fixed views about monitoring and reporting tools with most believing they already have a technological solution. Highlight is unique. It is a multi-faceted cloud-based service that can benefit a variety of different people across an organisation. It has obvious benefits to salespeople since it enables constructive and positive conversations with customers; for operations teams, it helps them to resolve issues quickly and deliver a better service; and for the customer, it gives total transparency of the services being delivered and guides them to view their suppliers as trusted partners. It’s a win-win for all parties and I’ll be helping partners to develop a more positive, open and transparent way of doing business.

    Martin Rowan, Head of Engineering has over 20 years of technical leadership experience in software development across a variety of functions whilst at Citrix Systems. As Director of Software Engineering for the Xen App and Xen Desktop for the past six years, he managed Citrix’s flagship desktop products in the UK and USA. Other roles at Citrix included Senior Manager of Product Development, UK Lifecycle Maintenance Manager and Program Manager.

    The Highlight service is extremely powerful, providing the big picture across all IT services to both the provider and the customer,” says Martin. “As team leader and line manager to the existing engineering team, I’ll be looking to maintain Highlight’s core services whilst delivering the ability to scale up and embrace new technologies. Having led tech teams, I’m really looking forward to applying my skills at Highlight, working to improve productivity and put in place strong professional development plans as the engineering team expands over the coming year.


    About Highlight

    Since the year 2000, Highlight has enabled Service Providers and Enterprise Corporates to see clearly both network and applications performance in real-time. As well as delivering visibility and analytics, Highlight enables service providers and enterprise customers to both have visibility of the same accurate, easy to use graphical information. This critical data supports the right conversations concerning issue resolution, planning and capacity management. Highlight supports and enhances ICT expansion, new technology deployment and cloud transition initiatives, where both providers and corporates are confident in the partnership.

    Highlight is software as a service, delivering powerful value to the business performance of service providers and enterprise corporates around the world. Highlight is fast and easy to deploy. Highlight’s simple pricing structures and zero CAPEX makes it a business enabler which is budget sensitive. Highlight guarantees providers and corporates better business results in network and applications service management, operations and customer experience.

    The Highlight service is used in 90 countries, on 6,000 enterprise networks including 40% of the FTSE-100. Highlight, providing the best provider and corporate customer value and experience at a competitive price.


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