Highlight monitoring service extended to cover Wi-Fi networks

Written by Highlight

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    Real Time View

    Highlight’s Wi-Fi Real Time View shows the actual activity and performance across a Wi-Fi environment including signal strength and capacity plus the number of users competing for bandwidth and activities being undertaken.

    Fully Integrated

    This is integrated with Highlights’ ability to monitor and report on all the other technologies an organisation relies on 24×7 covering the digital services’ landscape, irrespective of them being internally or externally provided.

    Manage your network

    Organisations have been increasing the number of Wi-Fi controllers and access points to cope with growing demand via smart phones, tablets and laptops. The complication and frustration has come from having to manage these Wi-Fi services using stand-alone manufacturer’s tools. Now organisations can view Wi-Fi controllers and access points via Highlight’s easy to view summaries alongside all other digital services.

    Richard Thomas, CEO of netEvidence says, Our partners want to consolidate their monitoring and have a single place to see what is happening across their entire IT estate. Many have been using separate engineering-based tools to watch over Wi-Fi services but these are often too convoluted for busy managers to gain a quick and clear view of what is happening. Highlight now delivers all essential information within its familiar clear, graphical format as well as offering a depth of information for further analysis.

    Partners want a real-time view of Wi-Fi services,

    Richard adds.

    If there’s an incident, they want to know what is happening at that moment. The Real Time View shows exactly what applications are running and what is causing the issue.

    Cisco wireless controllers are currently supported with further manufacturers such as Aruba to be added in the near future.


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