Highlight sponsors Harry Blowers for a second year

Written by Highlight

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    Harry says, “Highlight’s support over the past 12 months has been extremely helpful and I’m delighted that they believe in me and will continue that support.”

    “Over the next six months I will continue to train in my Laser as well as take part in various other types of racing to learn and enhance my decision-making skills on the race course. My speed is good but I feel decision-making should be my focus to improve my overall game. I have a couple of local races later in the summer but my big target this year is to move up the rankings at the Men’s Laser European Championships in Barcelona in the Autumn. I also have World Qualifiers around then too.”

    Highlight adds,

    “Just as Harry is looking to concentrate more on his decision-making skills, so we at Highlight want to equip our customers with the information they need to make the right decisions. To this end, our team is putting greater focus on listening to our customers to ensure we deliver the solutions that they need.”

    Watch Harry in action

    “I love the shot of him racing towards a big oil tanker and having to constantly check his course and other conditions to make sure he doesn’t hit it – a bit like how Highlight helps our customers do the same!”

    Good luck Harry!


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