netEvidence boosts its Highlight network monitoring tool with Host Reporting

Written by Highlight

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    An organisation’s servers are the foundation for virtually all key business IT Services, so the performance of these technologies is critical. With Highlight Host Reporting, managers can minimise server downtime, reduce disruptions to business Applications, manage issues proactively and access full SLA reporting. With full knowledge of how much capacity is being used in real-time and how much is left, managers can ensure that servers have ample capacity to keep vital Applications running and make certain that they don’t run out.

    Network managers using Highlight Host Reporting can access comprehensive graphical views of the entire server infrastructure including CPU load, memory usage and disk space. The server metrics flow through Highlight’s alerting engine so any problems with the measured values will cause alerts to be generated.

    Richard Thomas, CEO of netEvidence says, “It’s essential that anyone in the organisation, from c-level to engineer, can clearly see the technology that is enabling them to achieve their goals. With Highlight Host Reporting, our customers can now see what is happening across all the technology that supports their business. By having this information in a readily understandable graphical format, they can understand how critical business Applications are performing in real-time and on a global scale. They can thus save time and money by resolving issues quickly and identify best practice opportunities.”

    Highlight is a fast turn on, fast payback Service delivered on a pay-as-you-use basis. It provides intuitive, real-time reports and a friendly dashboard that graphically represents huge volumes of information clearly. All this in a format that is easy to understand by management and engineers alike. It is the ultimate view of the performance of the technologies an organisation uses to support the business outcomes that keeps the business successful.

    Highlight supports any device that runs Host Resources SNMP MIB – this is shipped as standard on all recent Windows and Linux systems, so additional software is not required to monitor these servers whether physical or virtual.


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