netEvidence transforms and modernises its Highlight service

Written by Highlight

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    netEvidence has been updating the technology behind Highlight over the past three years to a service-orientated architecture. This more flexible and scalable architecture enables netEvidence to respond much faster to requests for support and new features. With a new fresh, contemporary look and feel, Highlight now delivers a more consistent user experience that will encourage increased use.

    Richard Thomas, CEO of netEvidence says: With this latest release, we’ve made Highlight even easier. Our customers always like the fact that Highlight is understandable and approachable and we’ve built on that strength. Highlight presents and relates the performance of critical networks and applications to the structure of a business using terms and topics that customers are familiar with.

    And for partners, Highlight’s architecture is designed for agility and is more suited to the rapid deployment of new features. This means our partners can respond more quickly to their customers’ demands and generate new products and twists in technology to better support their markets.

    Highlight can now take advantage of the latest developments in browser capabilities and how they present information to users. For example, Highlight remembers how a user chose to view Highlight when last opened so the presentation is the same on their next visit. The architecture also means that it can easily adapt the presentation of information for tablets and phones.

    Summary of new features

    User Interface

    Highlight’s User Interface has a fresh, modern look with new icons and graphics to encourage greater use and to deliver a satisfying experience. New colours are in use whilst keeping the classic Highlight cool to hot colours to indicate problems. And to make it easier for users, many settings are saved when the user exits and then logs in again.

    Heat Tile Management

    Real-time views of the customer’s technology, using Highlight’s simple and clear heat tiles, now have extended filtering and grouping options. Users can view only tiles with specific issues (Stability, Load, Health), or group tiles to de-clutter the display. This makes heat tiles customisable for each user.

    Improved Help

    Updated embedded contextual help files are linked to an up-to-date Help & Support Centre which features lots of new graphic content to enable users to answer questions and solve issues with greater ease.

    Reporting Charts

    Long-term reports can now incorporate a wider range of embedded graphics, including spot-style performance charts. Finding and analysing trends and performance issues becomes much easier.

    Richard adds, Highlight is still far ahead of our competitors. Our philosophy over the past 15 years has been to sit between the services providers and their customers. Everyone else in the market started out as an enterprise tool within one company aimed at their technical people. This means Highlight offers a very different perspective to the engineers and their technology-focused tools.

    The way Highlight presents information and the way it works means that it’s incredibly easy for service providers to plug-in and deploy to any number of new customers whilst maintaining the security of each. Highlight is designed so both partners and customers can use it. It improves the conversation between all parties by delivering visibility of what’s happening and by providing accurate information to talk about. The ability to have open conversations goes a long way to building trust and delivering longer lasting relationships – a primary aim for many of our partners.


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