netEvidence transforms Application Performance Visibility

Written by Highlight

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    According to Richard Thomas, CEO of netEvidence, The success of an organisation depends on its ability to transact business as and when it needs to, to meet the demands of its customers. It is vital that the organisation has a clear and unambiguous understanding as to when the delivery of a service may be jeopardised or compromised and that the appropriate corrective actions are taken to rectify or prevent any degradation or outage of the service.

    Richard adds: The service views within Highlight are specifically designed to deliver this visibility and understanding, even if applications are delivered by or through third party “cloud” suppliers.

    Highlight’s Service Tiles are underpinned by a number of tests that run regularly against the applications that support a service. For example, Highlight will continually test to determine the time it takes for a particular application transaction to complete or the time customers wait to open a webpage.

    The results from these tests are brought together into a single view of that service, with the colour of the tile representing the status of the service: green shows that the service is available and running efficiently; amber indicates that the service is degraded but customers are not being adversely impacted; and red denotes that the service is degraded to the point that the end customers are being impacted. Users can drill down via the Service Tile to identify what is happening and which locations and therefore customers, are affected.


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