V12 Telecom enhances customer service with Highlight

Written by Highlight

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    V12 Telecom provides internet services, hosted voice, mobile and direct routing to small and medium sized organisations, many of whom are introduced via IT partners. V12 implemented Highlight earlier this year to gain real-time analysis and visibility into the performance of all its services.


    Charles Rickett, Co-founder and Managing Director of V12 Telecom says, “One of our most popular products is the supply of Ethernet internet connectivity to a large number of UK customers through multiple carriers. Whilst each carrier offered their own monitoring tools, keeping track of five or more different systems was completely unusable. If something went wrong, particularly out of hours, we had no visibility and no control.”

    Charles and his team at V12 were already avid users of Highlight. It had been provided by Daisy for about five years, but was set up so that they could only see Daisy’s circuits. Charles continues, “Earlier this year we went direct to Highlight so that we could have full flexibility to monitor multiple vendors and customers. Highlight is fully customisable and it’s easy to add extra circuits. It now gives us a single window to see across our entire IT estate and one portal to monitor multiple providers and customers.”

    The company has set up Highlight on a large screen in their Swindon operations centre. This enables V12 to deliver comprehensive 24/7 monitoring. During out of hours, the company has two people on rota who are notified by Highlight if there are any problems. They can then rectify the situation before the customer is aware.

    V12’s top priority is to help its partners and their clients to grow their businesses through innovative telecoms solutions. Through Highlight, V12 can also give its partners access to their own secure area of the portal to review the easy to use graphical, vendor agnostic information with their own end users.

    Highlight’s reports are proving particularly useful for V12 and its partners during account reviews with end customers. According to Charles, “If a customer is having network issues and maybe needs to increase their bandwidth, we can jointly look at Highlight’s independent reports to determine the best course of action. They can see the situation for themselves and we can take the role of a trusted advisor as opposed to just a sales-focused operation.”



    About V12 Telecom

    V12 Telecom has over twenty years’ experience in the telecoms arena and has developed a Direct Routing capability to provide Microsoft Teams’ users with voice calls. The company’s Direct Routing solution is delivered via Tier1 carrier grade infrastructure and is significantly more cost effective than the current Microsoft Calling Plan.

    Through the V12 Partner Programme, the company uses its industry knowledge and the skills of the V12 team to enhance the service offering of its exclusive group of IT partners. The team works closely with every partner to build close relationships and to truly understand their requirements.


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