Highlight for service provider Operations Teams

The interactions that customers have with help desk teams have a large effect on the service provider-customer relationship. This especially applies to the first-touch interactions that customers have, often with non-technical first-level staff, when opening a ticket. The Highlight Service Assurance Platform empowers your teams and customers to make sure help desk interactions are as productive and satisfying as possible, by providing easy-to-understand evidence of issues.

Highlight does this by simplifying and aggregating the complex and extensive data received from a network into three simple metrics, Stability, Load and Health. In doing this, Highlight converts technical data into service insights which are standardised and valid for any technology vendor used.

An organised and informed operations meeple ready to sort the operational issues of the day using Highlight

Improve customer satisfaction with help desk services

Shared visibility of performance data available on customer networks

Highlight is designed to enable non-technical personnel, on both sides of the service provider–customer relationship, to have greater visibility and understanding of service performance and issues. Easily understandable graphical data reveals where problems originate, making sure that all support conversations begin from a point of shared understanding. The improved ability to report and log information drastically reduces the need for the customer to repeatedly explain issues and increases the speed of service provider problem-solving.

Free up resources by reducing unnecessary monitoring requests

Through its unique service assurance architecture, the Highlight Service Assurance Platform consistently and imperceptibly collects performance data on all designated services (such as Broadband, WiFi, Cellular, SD-WAN etc…), making both real-time and historical service performance data available whenever required.

Having persistent and easy access to persistent performance metrics reduces the need to spend time and expertise administering specialist technical monitoring tools to try and diagnose unknown problems. The expanded access of service metrics to enterprise IT teams and less-technical teams decreases the number of unnecessary help desk calls for otherwise easily solved issues.

Utilising a service assurance platform to manage these problems ensures that technical monitoring tools can be utilised for their intended purpose and frees up expensive technical staff to focus on more complex issues.

Proactive fixes turn problems into opportunities

Highlight enables proactive problem solving to surpass customer expectations and increase their trust in the technical and organisational expertise of support and help desk services. The platform’s customisable alerting features can notify nominated people of issues as they happen via email, based on user-specified sensitivity parameters, allowing for problems to be logged and solved before the customer needs to report them. Further integration into existing platforms and procedures can be achieved utilising Highlight’s support for webhooks and our Reporting API functionality.

A single source of truth on the customers’ estate

Aside from the day-to-day running of the network, Highlight can also be used as a trusted source of truth on what hardware and services exist within a customer’s network. With customer networks constantly changing, it’s easy to lose track of what’s installed where. Highlight’s inventory tracks the deployed hardware including serial numbers, licences and software versions, making it quick and easy to update and improve the data in service provider systems.

Improve support processes today with Highlight

Highlight is used by a wide range of both commercial and operations teams, so it doesn’t need to eat into the operation teams’ budget. As a productisable platform, sales and service management teams can position the platform as a feature that customers pay for.

Your operations team efficiency and the customer experience can be tangibly improved within days of Highlight implementation. It is easy to implement for both new and existing customers with outsourced administration, no requirement for the installation and maintenance of hardware. Get in touch today to streamline help desk services for improved customer satisfaction with the Highlight Service Assurance Platform.