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A vision of a cellular future

Cellular services are a rapidly growing part of the networking industry. Their enhanced flexibility and quick setup times make them an attractive option for businesses.

The increasing prevalence of good 4G and 5G coverage throughout the world also ensures that this will continue to be a growing market for the foreseeable future.

New technology, new challenges

Every new technology brings both advantages and new challenges. Cellular services are no different. Signal strength problems can happen for a multitude of different reasons that can be difficult to track down.

The way that cellular service contracts are usually billed can also lead to bill shock if there is excessive data usage.

New technology new challenges
continued investment requires reliability

Continued investment
requires reliability

Cellular services are often used as a backup to more traditional fixed-line networks where continued connectivity is of utmost importance. Failures can cost customers and cause irreparable damage to their relationship with service providers.

If service providers wish to drive investment from customers in their cellular service offerings, they must be able to demonstrate reliability.

Employ cellular clarity
for a strong connection

Highlight’s Cellular Clarity feature gives insight into signal strength and data usage for cellular connections over time. It can show both real-time and historical data, allowing users to understand both what is working and what has worked.

Coupled with the Highlight platform’s automatic alert features, service providers can take the guesswork out of support and holistically recommend the best way to evolve networks, creating value in a way that customers can understand.

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Employ cellular clarity for a strong connection 2

Highlight grants both service providers and customers shared visibility into their networks’ performance, creating an unparalleled culture of trust. This allows for the proactive management of networks — issue identification and pattern spotting have never been so simple.

Opportunities to evolve networks are clearer than ever with Cellular Clarity. Through self-diagnosis or proactive management, everyone involved is empowered to effectively manage and upscale their cellular network.

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Transform cellular connectivity with Highlight today

Transform cellular
connectivity with Highlight today

Cellular connectivity is a popular concept but it is not without challenges. Integrating Cellular Clarity into your customers’ network helps you evade these challenges and grants service providers complete, holistic insight into their performance. This in turn generates more value, differentiates you from the competition and creates more margin.

The results speak for themselves


"Highlight is a great platform that’s an important part of our managed service and gives us and our customers clear and simple visibility of what’s going on in the network."

Peter Savic - MD, Plum Communications


"We pay constant and deep attention to providing valued telecoms solutions and that means we need to maintain our flexibility by working with multiple carriers rather than become stuck with one. But with each carrier offering their own monitoring tools, trying to keep track of five or more different portals was completely unusable. Highlight now gives us a single window to see across our entire IT estate - one portal that delivers insights into multiple providers - and customers."

Darren Brown - Network Manager at Now IT Solutions


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