Enable insights, build relationships

Highlight lets you demonstrate your value and stay focused on insights that make a real connection.


Be a trusted partner

Customers want you to be a trusted member of their team.

Highlight enables the information-rich communication and transparency to do just that.

Differentiate your services

Highlight is a tool for you and your customers. Add value to how your customers engage with you and their networks.

Provide the right insights at the right time to create a differentiated experience and deliver outcomes rather than commodities.


Grow margin

By adding value at every stage of the process, you create a more meaningful service.

Stay visible to customers, deliver experiences and outcomes, and drive growth.

 Better serve your customers and they’ll better serve you.

How Highlight helps

Built specifically to help service providers commercially succeed, we enable transparency and trust through communication and insights. Highlight lets you:


Focus on the right data

With tailored interfaces for sales teams, service managers and customers — everyone has the information they need to make the right decisions.


Close more deals

Armed with targeted insights, sales teams can add value throughout the sales process, upsell the right customer at the right time and grow.


Straightforward productisation

Highlight is a tool for you and your customers. We’ve built Highlight to match the service provider commercial model. The productisation process couldn’t be easier.


Enable communication

When both you and your customers have simple access to the right data, communication is easier, more rewarding and outcome-oriented.


Become a consultant

With actionable insights about your customers, it’s a simple step to include consulting services within your portfolio. Increase margin and add value.


Simplify multi-tenancy

Partner with resellers and let them log in and see only what they need to see. Manage hundreds or thousands of accounts and effortlessly navigate between estates.  


Advanced white space analysis

Identify key opportunities to expand the scope of what you do. Upsell the right services and deliver margin-rich outcomes.


Better outcomes

Focus on insights and deliver clarity using a platform designed for communication. Highlight enables a streamlined and differentiated outcome that is more than the sum of its parts.


Reduce churn

Proactively support your customers and grow alongside them. Minimise disruption and become a trusted member of your customer’s IT department. 

The results speak for themselves


"The big benefit of Highlight is that it drives user engagement; it's an excellent way for people to see how a connection or an application is performing."
Mike Ayers - Chief Commercial Officer, GCI

“I receive a weekly report from Highlight with our top ten highest performing circuits. We’ve used these insights to successfully upsell our services to the tune of £20k gross profit.”
Paul Nocivelli - Head of Sales at Onecom 

"It's this single pane of glass across all our services that makes Highlight so special - it enables us to respond quickly with the right actions."
David Groves - Director of Software at Maintel

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Stop drowning in data.

Harness the right information to differentiate your services and enable commercial success.


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