Monthly Entry price:


Includes: 100 nodes

Monthly per node price:

£1.50 - £10

Depending on volume and functionality

Pay as you scale

From a £500 per month entry point, you pay a monthly service fee based on the services you’re tracking, and the components they’re built from, for example nodes like CPE routers, SDWAN devices, or WiFi Access Points.

The unit price drops, as you scale or commit to volume. It’s that simple.

Pay for what you actually use

You can add to your Highlight coverage or reduce it at any time, without penalty. If you’re an Enterprise adding Highlight features to one node, or an MSP adding a new customer, you pay for just that extra functionality. As your usage goes up or down, so does your monthly invoice. Don’t worry about fixed prices or blocks of licences that are more than you actually need. At Highlight, we make money by solving your problems and not by tying you down with unnecessary expenditure.


Our monthly charge covers everything. No hosting licences, no servers to buy or maintain. Upgrades are free so you’re always on the latest version, and if we add major chargeable features they’re always optional, never mandatory. And you can choose which Highlight features are visible to which users – whether you’re dealing with customers, areas or locations within your business.

Proof of service baked in

As an MSP, you’re delivering a service that customers are paying you for and measuring you on. That’s a very different world from traditional IT. Highlight supports features like Maintenance Windows and True-Outage analysis to ensure you can prove the quality of what you do, and your customers get simple proof of delivery.

Frictionless multi-tenancy

Highlight understands business organisation, for MSP and customer. Natural, built-in security and granular control over regions, customers, and teams for the MSP, and delegated access for enterprises which lets them manage who sees what and does what, down to individual user level.

Control over updates

We won’t confuse your teams or your customers with unplanned updates or new features they aren’t expecting. New versions of Highlight are sandboxed so you can play with them, and we’ll give you plenty of notice of the actual upgrade, with major new features being hidden from your customers unless and until you want to provide access.

Businesses like pictures

While conventional tools make you plough through IP Addresses, interface numbers and engineering metrics, Highlight’s primary language is about customers, services, locations, products and easily discussed values like health and performance – shown using clear tiles and simple graphics. You spend less time interpreting and explaining, and more having an effective conversation.

Self-service with silver service

We invest heavily in documentation to enable users to look after themselves, and there is a team of knowledgeable and friendly Highlight people a phone call away who are more than happy to help you get the best from our platform. “Highlight is the first thing I log onto every morning, and the last thing to sign out of at the end of the day” said one of our customers. We want you to feel the same.

When you succeed, we succeed

Highlight’s team includes over 150 years of experience working for service providers. We know how service providers think, and we work hard to use our knowledge and experience in helping our partners succeed.