Bring teams together with enhanced collaboration

Managed network services are most likely to succeed for both the service provider and enterprise customer when all relevant roles are able to easily access key service performance information and collaborate to reach shared goals. It is an unfortunate fact that many service providers are not able to easily provide up-to-date service metrics to either their own commercial teams or to the enterprise customer, leading to miscommunication and reducing the chance for genuine collaboration.

Two hands connecting and shaking in collaboration

Enable technical and non-technical teams to speak the same language

The difficulty of obtaining service performance data

The main issue that service providers have when distributing network service data is that they usually need to rely on specific data requests to their technical engineering teams to isolate specific information using technical monitoring tools.

Even when the data has been retrieved, traditional monitoring tools present data in a very unfiltered and technically orientated way, unless significant customisation is done. This means that not only is it time-consuming to obtain the data in the first place but, once it has been obtained, work needs to be carried out to make it understandable and presentable for the customer.

Service-oriented teams need service-orientated data

Service provider staff in non-technical and commercial roles usually do not have the resources to format data or make constant requests of engineering teams, and those engineering teams would also rather spend their valuable time focusing on the technical management of network systems. This results in service performance data that could fuel important and productive collaboration between departments, or between the service provider and the enterprise customer, being left hidden and unused.

Spend less time obtaining data and more time acting on it it with Highlight

How to solve this problem? Enter the Highlight Service Observability Platform. The Highlight platform constantly and imperceptibly collects, stores and categorises network service data from multiple vendors and technologies across an entire portfolio or estate.

Due to the platform’s service observability architecture, any designated user can be granted remote access to understandable, pre-filtered real-time and historical network service performance metrics. The reduction in the time and effort to access and understand service data results in the democratisation of data that enables better conversations to drive enhanced collaboration.

Enable simple communication for smart collaboration

Accessible data provides a single point of truth that benefits collaboration between all roles in the relationship. For example, Sales teams can talk to service managers about where gaps in service have arisen before going into renewal or upgrade meetings. service managers can communicate easily with enterprise customers to discuss service reports and suggested changes, and customers can more effectively report occurring issues to operations help desk teams.

This ability to communicate between departments and roles brings a more complete understanding of the network services being provided and helps both immediate problem solving and overall strategic planning. All of this helps to emphasise the relationship and the service being provided, cementing trust between the service provider and the enterprise customer.