Highlight for service provider Sales Teams

In a world where technology is increasingly commoditised, it’s hard to justify margin when you’re selling the same things as everyone else. Communications technology has become so ubiquitous, it’s almost impossible to differentiate yourself by offering the same technologies and products as your competition. As a result, potential customers end up focusing on the technology being provided, and the negotiations become an exercise in price comparison.


To gain a competitive advantage, you need to offer something compelling beyond the technology. The Highlight Service Observability Platform is designed to be a defining factor that puts your service at the centre of a prospect’s attention.

A motivated and informed sales meeple ready to get more sales with Highlight

Sell your service as the key differentiator

Stand out from the crowd by offering prospects unparalleled visibility

Highlight is a cloud-based platform that utilises service observability architecture that presents service performance metrics in a clear, graphically pleasing and easy-to-understand way. Selling the Highlight platform means you’re selling the concept of transparency and trust by enabling both sides of the relationship to see and discuss service performance.


Highlight’s vendor-agnostic design makes it the central point through which the performance of different technologies (such as Broadband, cellular, SD-WAN etc…) can be assessed. This ability to prove service performance can be used to set more detailed and evidenced service observability targets, going beyond the standard SLAs of your competition.

Increase renewal rates through superior customer satisfaction

The Highlight platform was designed specifically to support the provider-customer relationship and is used by Service Managers, Operations Teams and Enterprise IT managers alike – giving them the capacity to engage with others, creating shared understanding and trust. Through informed conversation, improved problem resolution and understandable service performance metrics, customer satisfaction is increased, and churn is greatly reduced.

Greater sales success through commercial flexibility

The Highlight platform is easily productisable with a multi-vendor, multi-tenant structure that allows the service provider to present customers with only the features they want to provide. This allows you the flexibility to either include Highlight as standard with service offerings, sell it as an additional feature or to bundle the main functionality in as standard and sell additional upgrade features (such as SD-WAN integration, Cellular Clarity or SLA Now). These options can also be passed on to channel resellers.


The platform also continues to present your sales teams with sale opportunities throughout the life of contracts. Using the historical service data provided by Highlight’s reporting suite, upgrade opportunities can be easily identified, collaboratively discussed and justified. Utilising evidence-based techniques ensures that proposals are more likely to succeed.

Add Highlight service observability to your service offering

Highlight is easy to implement for both new and existing customers with no requirement for the installation and maintenance of hardware. The cloud-based architecture makes it possible to activate new customers with no upfront costs.


Our own sales, marketing and product teams are always on hand to help tailor pitches, sales collateral and features to suit your customers’ needs. We can also help you to arrive at a commercial structure that suits your sales approach, whether you’re looking to standardise Highlight as part of your offering or to productise all or some of the platform. Get in touch today and create a more compelling service offering with the Highlight Service Observability Platform.