Remove complication with outsourced administration

Providing a managed network service is hard enough. That’s why the Highlight Service Observability Platform has been designed to bring service providers and their enterprise customers network service performance data without placing barriers in the way of you the conversations that make for long-lasting and satisfying relationships.

A highlight meeple, poised to administrate a valued customer's Highlight instance.

Let us handle admin and maintenance while you focus on what matters

No on-site installations, hardware updates or surprises

The Highlight platform is cloud-based and requires no hardware installation or maintenance by its users. That means no hosting licences and no servers to buy or maintain. You can access Highlight securely from any location, whether you are a service provider or enterprise customer. Platform upgrades are managed by us, so you’re always on the latest version with access to the latest features.

Simple pricing with no hidden costs

With Highlight, you only pay for what you use. We strive to make our pricing structure as simple as possible. There is no convoluted system of tiered access or paying for blocks of features that you’re never going to need. Put simply, charges for the Highlight platform are made on the number of connections being watched. That’s it. Add as many users as you want with no charge, our mission is to encourage communication. As a SaaS product, there are no version upgrade charges or surprise mid-contract hardware upgrade costs.

Infinite scalability as your business grows

Our platform and billing structures are designed with scalability in mind – add and remove watched connections as your customer base grows and changes. The Highlight platform supports a wide variety of different technologies, including SD-WAN, Cellular, Broadband, WiFi and LAN. This ensures that you can include visibility of these different technologies as your portfolio grows. The service observability architecture of the Highlight platform also allows partners to have simple access to a large number of customer estates using our tree branch access structure.

Your success is our success

Your success is our success, so we make it our mission give partners and their customers the support they need to achieve the best solutions through cooperation and communication. This is achieved through initiatives like the Highlight Advocacy Board, collaboration with partners and their customers on the development of new features and comprehensive and ongoing training programmes. Additionally, no user of Highlight will ever be lost with our comprehensive help and support suite, including in-app pop-up tips, our always up-to-date help and support centre and the dedicated Highlight support team being just a call or email away.