The definitive one-stop platform for network service assurance

The fast-moving and constantly evolving nature of modern-day connectivity demands that service providers are willing to be flexible to meet the needs of their enterprise customers. They must be able to keep up with the changing business demands of their customers or risk their losing them to another service provider who offers the required services. This means offering a wide range of services, including third-party platforms from many different vendors.

An icon bringing together admin, reporting and communication functionalities into a single platform.

Multi-vendor SD-WAN, Ethernet, Cellular, LAN... in one platform

The third-party management headache

Providing enterprise customers with access to third-party platforms and services can create difficulties for service providers. These platforms often come with their own portals or administrative tools that do not fit into the service provider’s established service management structure, requiring significantly more resources and time from service managers and operations teams to effectively see, manage and report on service performance.

Enable total visibility of fully integrated network services using Highlight

The Highlight Service Assurance Platform enables users to see a unified view of service performance on a wide range of network services (like SD-WAN, Cellular, Broadband, WiFi and LAN) in one single-pane-of-glass viewpoint. The Highlight platform constantly and imperceptibly collects technical network data from all the services across a portfolio or estate and then combines and categorises the information, translating it into easily understandable and reportable service-focused insights.

Reduce app-switching fatigue and increase service management cohesion

Utilising the Highlight platform’s service assurance architecture service provider commercial and technical teams can see how all the various connections and services across their portfolio are performing together, with both real time and historical data. There’s no need for switching between various third-party apps to gather data and no need to externally combine data to build reports. The advanced native reporting features within the Highlight platform allow for unified reports to be created quickly and easily.

Improve customer engagement and confidence through shared visibility

All The categorised views, alerting functions and reporting features that are available to service provider teams can also be shared with enterprise customers. Enabling those customers to have access to the same combined view of services, alerting features and reporting functions enables them to view all the separate in-house and third-party platforms as part of a single unified service. It also provides enterprise IT managers the ability to tell their service provider exactly where they feel their network service is succeeding or where it needs improvement.