Have productive conversations that really matter

Networks are essential to almost every business. A large proportion of business processes are now digitised, even basic operational functions depend on a reliable, functioning network. Without the network, nothing works. Businesses are also demanding ever more complex outcomes from their networks, which requires a flexible approach in the age of constantly evolving technology.


It usually doesn’t make financial or organisational sense for most businesses, referred to as enterprise organisations in this context, to try and keep up with the flood of new technologies and so they enlist the expertise and resources of network service providers to ensure reliable operations.

Two meeples having a conversation about their network service

Effective communication is key to successful network service delivery

The dream and the reality of service provision

The ideal scenario for enterprise organisations is where their service provider can almost be seen as an extension of their own IT team. However, service providers often have so many customers and are required to provide so many third-party services that they have neither the time nor the available information to communicate effectively with their customers. The enterprise organisations themselves also lack the information to communicate their desires and problems to their service providers. The reality is often far from the idealised dream.

Every conversation is important to maintaining trust

The experience for many Enterprise organisations is that most of the contact they have with their service provider is when they are reporting problems to operations help desk teams or their service manager. Every time a conversation is initiated because of something negative, or they are not given the information they are requesting, the enterprise customer loses some trust in the relationship with their service provider and, come contract renewal time, the likelihood that they will look for a new provider increases.

Restore trust in network services using Highlight

The Highlight Service Observability Platform provides a comprehensive and accessible view of network service performance to both service provider and enterprise customer. The Highlight platform’s service observability architecture combines and distils raw technical network data into intuitive, categorised insights, catered specifically to relationship-dependant roles like service managers, sales teams, operations teams and enterprise IT managers.

Achieve the ideal with informed and collaborative conversations

Using the knowledge provided by Highlight, every participant in the service provider-customer relationship can start conversations from a shared basis of understanding. Every request and answer can easily reference real-world data, reducing miscommunication and increasing the relevance of every exchange. When nobody is talking past each other and transparency is introduced into the relationship, both the Service Provider and the customer are able to build trust in each other and in the service being provided.