Who does Highlight help?

The Highlight Service Observability Platform is the only service observability solution designed specifically for the service provider-customer relationship. The platform is structured around transparency, ease of understanding and the enabling of clear communication.

Restoring a relationship of mutual benefit

The relationship between service providers and their enterprise customers can, at times, feel like an adversarial one. It doesn’t have to be this way. Service providers want to satisfy the needs of enterprise organisations and, at its best, the relationship should be one that benefits both parties. The Highlight platform empowers both service providers and enterprise organisations to have better conversations that start from a place of shared knowledge and understanding.

Highlight for enterprise

The service observability provided by the Highlight platform empowers enterprise organisations to really know what is being delivered to them by their service provider whilst benefiting from drastically improved internal problem solving, reporting and alerting capabilities.

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Highlight for service providers

The Highlight platform gives service providers the tools to communicate effectively with their customers and downstream partners, enabling more efficient service management, faster problem solving and a significant reduction in churn rate.

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